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Swaziland has an unique blend of traditional and modern; ancient customs and culture. Characterised by some of the most beautiful landscapes in Southern Africa and has a number of protected nature reserves and game parks which are open for visitors all of which are inhabited by a rich wildlife and a wide range of bird species.

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Official Languages: English (official, government business conducted in English), siSwati (official) language.
Currency: Lilangeni (SZL)
Capital City: Mbabane
Size of Country: 17363 sq km
Size of Population: 1,161,219 people
Visa Requirements: Please check with local Swaziland Government visiting
Vaccinations: Malaria is endemic in all areas. Please consult your doctor before arrival.
Tax: 14% Value Added Tax is included in all costs.
Credit Cards: All major credit cards accepted.
Service Charge: It is customary to add 10% Service Fee to all Food and beverage charges.
Time Zone: GMT +2

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