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Zambia is home to the spectacular Victoria Falls, as well as several world class game reserves and wildlife safaris.

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Official Languages: There are over 73 dialects spoken in Zambia, but the official language is English. All business is in English and most Zambians speak it fairly well.
Currency: Kwacha (ZMK), divided into 100 ngwee
Capital City: Lusaka
Size of Country: 752,610 sq km (Is slightly smaller than the UK and France combined, and slightly larger than California plus Nevada)
Size of Population: 10.5 million people
Visa Requirements: Please check with your nearest Zambian Embassy or
Vaccinations: Malaria is endemic in Zambia (prophylaxis is essential), and outbreaks of cholera and dysentery are common especially during the rainy season. If visiting these areas, please consult your doctor before arrival.
Tax: Value Added Tax is included in all costs.
Credit Cards: All major credit cards accepted.
Service Charge: It is customary to add 10% Service Fee to all Food and beverage charges.
Time Zone: GMT +2
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